A downloadable game for Windows

Based on Albert Camus' 1942 essay of the same name, The Myth of Sisyphus looks for meaning in a meaningless world. I really loved the essay and Camus philosophy of Absurdism. It really had an impact on my life and so this is my best attempt to recreate the Essay and make its ideas more approachable in an abridged little Video Game.

A Global Game Jam 2021 entry!

This game is going to be sent to the moon in 2023! Thanks to reddit user Valphon!

Link to Camus' book where the Essay comes from: https://sites.google.com/site/swakkhar17/Camus-TheMythofSisyphusandOtherEssay.pd...

Estimated play time: ~5


Move left and right: Arrow Keys

Jump: Space

Pick up: E


Myth of Sisyphus.exe 3 MB


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This is so good!

Thank you kindly!


Really good way of translating a text to game form. Enjoyed it!

Thanks! Its yet another way our beautiful medium can grow and develop existing art.