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In Total Nuclear MELTDOWN you have to stop a Nuclear reactor from going into meltdown by a out of control AI by managing the reactor from the control room. There's only one problem. 

You're a janitor with who is noticeably lacking a degree in nuclear fission reactors (If such a thing exists, you really don't know). With only a few seconds of time to figure out how a Nuclear reactor works using a crappy manual made by the previous operator you must stop a Nuclear holocaust before it's too late!


Left click and right click - Interact with the Reactor room's controls.

Arrow keys - Flip through pages

S - Skip intro sequence


You have to manage the nuclear power plant by ensuring a steady temperature and flow of power to stop the power plant going into meltdown. This is done by increasing or decreasing the temperature of the reactor through various means. However, every 60 seconds the AI takes over, messing with the delicate balance of power, temperature and coolant you so meticulously put in place, forcing you to scramble to balance the reactor again.

Install instructions

It's a single .exe file, surely you can figure out what to do.

Your antivirus may automatically block the program because it's a single .exe file that's been rarely downloaded.  Sorry for the minor inconvenience!


Nuclear MELTDOWN.exe 53 MB

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