The Unbearable Well is best played in Full Screen!

They've really done it this time!

After a string of misfortune, the iconic duo of Little Timmy and Rupert the Bear find themselves in perilous danger down the bottom of mysterious well.

How will they survive?  Who put all these bear traps here? Can a bear even wear a Miner Helmet and why is it so adorable? Find out the answer to one of these and more in THE UNBEARABLE WELL.


Move - Arrow keys / WASD

Use Item - Left click button

Switch Item Mouse wheel / 1 and 2

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This game was made for the GMTK 2021 Jam.  For most of us it was our first ever game jam entry!


Rik van Saane - Programming and Unity Wizard

Lukas Ostlundh - Game Design and assistant to the regional bear wrangler

Tom Leslie - Programming

Kartikey - Programming

Xena - Music, Sprite animation and bear jiggle physics connoisseur

Safir - Watercolor art


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I love the rope mechanic with the bear. Still not sure how that can work xD
There were a lot of levels so that is good, have a lot of variety of levels