Why make, why play a Video Game?

Salutations fellow Zorpon Enjoyers!

At the behest of The Powers That be, I am compelled to once again write another Devlog exploring Zorpon.

I would like to pose you a question;

Why should you, I or anyone else for that matter actually play a Video Game?

We all know why we do play Video Games; they're great fun but there has to be more than that.

What's the point?

I am a firm believer of Video Games as Media and as an Art Form. I believe, I know that video games have the power to communicate certain ideas far better than other passive medium of art such as film or traditional printed literature.

Video Games represent every established form of Media and Art combined and made interactive, allowing anyone anywhere to participate in their Media.

How does that not just fill you with excitement?

I know it probably doesn't. 

You've played your fair share of Games which are more accurately described as digital toys than art created to convey ideas or themes to the player.  I'm by no means mocking playing games for escapism, that is a worthy endeavor in itself, but Games can be so much more than that!

With that said, I present to you this; my grand, completely biased and unobjective personal opinion of what makes a Game worth playing, though not necessarily "good".

A game ought to;

  • Provide a satisfying and rewarding experience by virtue of only it's gameplay and story elements.
  • Integrate gameplay and story into a overarching harmonious narrative.
  • Practice humane game design respectful of the player and their time.
  • Encourage self reflection on the human condition.
  • Have one or many clear overarching themes up for interpretation.

If Zorpon manages to - in all of your eyes - fulfill half of these, I will be more than happy.

-The Creator

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