The Hardest Thing I have ever done.

2 weeks ago now, I released the Beta for my first full release Video Game; Zorpon.

It was by far, the single most difficult thing I have done within my (admittedly limited) life.

In total, Zorpon took just under a year of daily sweat toil to get it into the beta form you all can play now, the truly Sisyphean effort behind which I really can't stress enough.

And to think than tens of thousands of people have done and will do the work I have done? Madness!

I believe that making a game is probably one of the difficult. artistic endeavors modern man can peruse. In working on a musical piece, a film, a novel, or a work of visual art you narrow down your focus and your efforts into one specific field of creative work during a (relatively) short time-span.

(That generalization is a gross simplification with many notable exceptions but humor me for a bit here)

But Video Games? Video Games are an entirely different story.

These monoliths of the information age takes hundreds if not thousands or tens of thousands of hours of work to achieve an emotional effect anywhere comparable to traditional forms of media. But when they do, it is oh so sweet.

Zorpon is my own itty bitty Cathedral. I'm one proud (but tired) mason.


Jul 18, 2022

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